Because “Church” doesn’t ‘just happen,’ we have a lot of people working hard to make sure it does. Committees help us live out our mission and values by keeping members of our community accountable to each other. Our committees are made up of people who either have skills to share or they simply know a need is present in the community and want to help through the work of committees! Sometimes the work we do makes us feel closer to each other and God. Sometimes the work consists of the messy things a community must do to keep itself and its leadership healthy or keep the building running efficiently. We think all aspects of committees are pieces of what it means to be church.


Our council is made up of 10 people who are elected from within the congregation by members of the congregation. Each member is elected for 3-year terms at our annual congregational meeting held in January. The Council addresses and keeps tabs on various things happening within the community


Works closely with our Worship and Music Director to plan out the various aspects of the worship year, including Advent, Lent and Easter as well as special events that may come up each year.


The direction of the Social Ministry Committee is to promote awareness, prayer and action in response to social justice and ministry concerns. The members of this committee also inform and encourage the congregation of to participate in social ministry opportunities. More information on the workings of this particular committee can be found here.


This highly committed group of people gathers once a month to engage the pastoral intern on various aspects of their time here, including but not limited to evaluating their pastoral development and supporting their specific learning goals.


The CYF committee works along side the Director of CYF Ministry to support the Sunday School and Family ministries.


A committee currently headed by Wendy and plans out educational topics and engages speakers for Adult Forum that meets during our Education Hour – Sundays at 9:15am.



The Finance committee gathers for the annual budgetary planning.


Intensely meets during year end in order to nominate members to council which the congregation then votes on at the annual meeting.


The Personnel committee has oversight of the hiring process of any non-ordained position at St. Paul, facilitates annual employment reviews and addresses any concerns of the St. Paul staff.


Property committee works alongside our Property Manager to keep an eye on the maintenance of the building and property and ensure the facility stays in good working order.